Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a list

Very early this morning, unfortunately for me and maybe others ... but not my dog. In fact very good for my dog because he is guaranteed a morning walk.... but I digress.  It has been way too early, like 4:30 am thank you very much time change. Early in the am is when I do most of my writing and posting and reading but this morning I had nothing to write about. Habits prevail and I am still awake and I am still sipping on my coffee, my delicious cup of coffee yet nothing to write about.
I didn't want to wallow with another home renovation post of nothingness.  I like to write and I like to be held accountable for my house progress, but the initial deleted post was just turning into another boring waiting winging and waiting kind of post, so with that, I'll just list the things I should do:

List of little things to accomplish this fine weekend** and next and next:
Vestibule Door

**Measure plexi-glassless opening in door frame

**Order glass for french door.
**Sand door, stain door, varnish door. (at the least, finish the sanding)
Finish scraping off wallpaper, prep walls
Need: contract-her to examine floor, get depth of floor for tile.
Go to Canada and order tile (yeah, or go to tile store in my town and find a comparable product...but a minor bad experience is keeping me from this)

Living room
Drive to Philadelphia and LOOK at upholstery samples, unless they arrive in the next few days.
**Samples arrived! Order sofa! (10 week waiting period)
Remove old couch and decide whether to re-upholster it in deep velvety purple, which is what I always wanted. Would Luc the pug mind?
**Pick out new pillow cases

**Shovel rest of pea gravel into pile somewhere - use snow shovel.
**Make use of clay pots and PLANT GARLIC - FUN idea, thanks to The Barefoot Crofter (get compost and garlic)

Tear out bad caulk - WIP
Re-calk bathtub
Learn to re grout around recessed bath shelf
**Find/make knobs to hang towels towels

To have on hand and work on:
Paint for Chaz's ceiling

Paint for living room
**Paint for trim
**Get paint re-moving stuff
Remove paint from outside water tap
Remove door handles and strip paint
Lighting for Chaz room (track down color cords)

Remove excess cable wires that are in all the rooms. ugh. touch up paint.
Keep an eye out for little bookcase for Lucy room
Hang banners. Re-hang lanterns in Lucy room

For the most part, putter around the home this weekend and work on the little things.

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  1. You have so much to do...but you'll get it done. I love your banner. (And don't forget to add: "Scratch that awesome dog behind the ears" to your list. He is CUTE!)


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