Monday, November 7, 2011


SO much for hired help. Two offers, no takers. Saturday morning revealed frost on the ground. I guess I better do it. I figured working up a sweat before making breakfast was the way to go.

We all pitched in. Prof. D. even hauled a bunch. 60 buckets in fact. (Of course no pictures of me working :), but really I did do some)

This is all the pea gravel the patio can take, but there was still a pile of gravel on the driveway.  Luckily Chaz wanted to earn some cash so he filled two large trash cans with pea gravel. For winter storage. AND there is still a pile on the driveway. Argh.

Enough pea gravel talk. The gorgeous fall morning inspired some more work out of me and I chopped down the dead ivy. I decided that was enough work. Until I took a picture.

Don't be lazy, bag the vines now. Ok, now I am, the leaves.

May as well rake them while I'm here. (Significant shot, as Lucy walked the distance of the backyard, first day of practicing walking again since she sprained her ankle Halloween eve.)

Done. Now we need to eat.

I wonder if I will get the bag to the front of the house for city pick up.

Oh, that fence has got to go. Sooner rather then later...


  1. WOW that sounds like a crazy amount of work!

  2. Renovations are such a loooong slow process. While I'll bet you get a great deal of satisfaction out of it...the truth is that I'm too lazy and impatient. I'd much rather just buy a house that doesn't need fixing. And then just do renovations vicariously through you.

  3. OH, I am already planning for that next completed house.


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