Thursday, November 3, 2011

Libra, well balanced

I come up with lots of home reno/deco ideas ... while I am at work.

And then, once home I'm either too tired, over extended, doing home stuff like cooking, little leagues, playing with my kids or just hanging (most likely).

I'm a Libra. And although Libra's are known to have a stylish eye (that is questionable), they are more known for their symbol, the scale.  Well balanced. What few people may not know (unless, of course, you are one, married to one, off spring of one) is the scale & well balanced Libra does not mean even keeled, sailing along day to day, in the same mood.

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Nope. Not at all. What well balance really means is lots of energy and motivation one week, tired the next week, pensive the following week, restless the following week, looking for ways to burn energy the following week...etc. Over the year we work out to well balanced, hopefully.

When I come up with an idea, fun. That in itself energizes me to start the project. BUT other times I need to wait until I have the energy to follow through with the idea. Sometimes that takes a while. Right now, I have tired of wallpaper scraping and pea gravel hauling. That kind of work would tire anyone, but I also fear that snow will come before I get re-motivated. And I need that pile of pea gravel MOVED before snow arrives. The other issue is I will tire myself wondering when I will re-energize so I can haul the rest of it away. And that energy, drained by wondering, can be used in a much more productive way such as starting a NEW project.

Yeah yeah, I could FORCE myself to do things. This past weekend was beautiful, but I was plagued with some sickness. And then Lucy sprained her ankle so I have been carrying her around, and then my mom was visiting and although we could have done it together, well, not much got done.

Before I come up with too many new ideas, I decided to hire someone to finish the pea hauling job. And maybe offer him the wallpaper scraping job too. And then I can get on with the finer points. And post some completed pictures! That is one of the fun parts of blogging. But now that the job offer is out and I am waiting his reply, this may be the butt kick I needed to finish one of those jobs myself. How do you stay motivated?

a Turkish towel
My new and overdo idea is small, which means I may actually get it completed. Spoiler: Turkish towels and almost completed bathroom.


  1. Most of the time, I'm the most unmotivated person out there. I'm not a doer; I'm a thinker. It's a curse, I tell you.

  2. I think the balance thing makes sense, it waivers back and forth for an average of middle...but who really is in the middle?

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