Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vestibule progress

Day 2 / 3 of real work; an hour in the morning of 8/3/11

Working on the other side... Water works well. Really well for removing the glue-debris-last pieces stuck on a wall.  And it keeps the dust down. Surprise.  I still prefer to scrape off what I can and then use water and sponge to clean off the wall.  This is the south facing wall / corner; scraping paper and cleaning with water&sponge this am.

Down to the plaster. And a few cracks to fix. (North facing wall, started 7/23)

north facing wall, water & sponged this am

I refer to my KISS home maintenance book to read up on scraping wallpaper and fixing cracks. Seems doable, the plaster/crack fixing. It is in this book that they suggest ordinary water and sponge. No product required.

Either way, I  will make a call to my Contract-HER to let me know if the walls are "bouncy". I am not sure if this is contractor speak or what, but she did fix another "bouncy" wall in my home, so I may as well get this one checked for firmness before painting.  I also want a quote on the floor work - cutting out damaged wood to replace with tiles.

And, to finish off the scraping, I need the ladder... for the upper portion :)

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  1. What a huge pile of work! But your house is going to look so great...


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