Thursday, August 4, 2011

City shade tree

Way back in March 2011 I received the phone call concerning the tree I applied for ... way back in September, 2009.  I wasn't expecting this call at all as I had been informed that there was a two year waiting list and I may as well get my own tree.  The unexpected voice mail informed me they are ready to plant a tree and I need to choose which one. They said my yard was ideal for a shade tree as there were no over hanging wires. He left a list of my tree options.

I compiled a list of my favourite tree things ...

1) Fast growing - I want to hang a tire swing and a knotted rope ladder from the tree before my kids get to big - optimistic aren't I.

2) Flowering - I love flowering spring trees

3) That was it. My short list.

None of the trees on their list were flowering so I called the City Arborist to discuss the options and made a quick, gut decision. The Katsura, in honor of Japan and its recent tragedy. I had never heard of this tree and I was happy try it out.

Sometime in May the city came out and put some white markings and flags on the grass. And then in June the electrical company came out and put some yellow markings and flags on the grass. Slow process it seemed. And finally, in late June, the landscapers came out and planted my tree! Just 22 months after I applied online. Less then the 2 year waiting list. Kudos city!

Last summer I went ahead and got my own tree; advise from the city person I spoke with. I picked a Japanese Maple, in hopes of turning it into a Weeping Japanese Maple. Near the end of last summer I realized and discovered this tree does not care for afternoon sun. The leaves get a little old and holey. Luckily it survived its first winter and even grew a bit.

Now I have my big city shade tree that will eventually provide the necessary shade for my Japanese Maple. And shade for my west facing home, in about 15 years.

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