Saturday, November 5, 2011

Quick fix

Lucy and I were eating popcorn and playing at the bottom of the stairs this afternoon. While looking at the pictures, I was reminded that the stair risers are still smudged with steel toe boot kicks from the day we moved in.

While Lucy set up Elmo, I played around with white balance and ISO speed.

I also used this painting as an object for testing camera settings. Paintings that I have had for 6 months and still not hung.

The smudges were apparent in all the photos. I still need lots of practice with the camera settings. But the stair risers are now painted and clean. After 2 years & 2 months of overlooking the smudges the painting took all of 10 minutes, while Lucy and Chaz ate.  Finally.

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  1. I love Lucy's little half-grin. She's got a face full of mischief. Good for you for getting the stairs done! Those small projects are so easy to put off - sometimes forever - and yet it feels so good when they're finally done.


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