Monday, November 7, 2011

Slate sample

Recently I realized I was using a slate coaster on the dresser for Lucy's night time bottle. And then another one appeared on the fireplace mantel. I remembered I had bought these slate coasters, many years ago, from Pier 1 imports (actually, I didn't so much remember, the sticker was still on the underside). They were scattered around my home not really in use, and in odd places. Once I realized I had two, I then recalled a third (yay for winter preparing).

I scrubbed the milk stains off of the two coasters I *guess* I had been using.

And laid them down on the kitchen floor so I could see how a slate floor would look next to hardwoods.

This is what a floor looks like after vinyl has been torn off 
and an attempt at sanding off the glue. Kind of burnt looking!

Finding these coasters confirmed my like of slate. Two bad floor slate was not made as LIGHT as these coasters. It would be a sure thing then.


  1. Slate floors are so beautiful. I love how cool they feel on your feet in the summer.

  2. Yes, natural, textured and cool stone on the floor...the best!


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