Thursday, December 9, 2010

Livingroom design board, take three!

The longer it takes me to complete a project, the more opportunities I have to experiment and change my mind. Or find such beautiful photos that help me form my ideas and put together favourite pieces I have found.

Design Board (I need a graphics program so I can work the layout better)

Urbanoutfitters butterfly chair
Love this chair. As a child, we spent time on Lake Erie at my grandfathers cottage. He had butterfly chair. There is a picture of me sitting in it and I imagine I spent many summer hours reading, napping, playing and daydreaming in that chair.  I am debating between this leather one or the much more economical faux fur one, which also happens to be on sale right now.

Ikea tray tab

Urbanoutfitters rug

Anthropologie curtain

White shaggy rug. This is a dream, I have 4 pets. I did have a white wool rug for a while. It endured better then I thought. Winter white curtains with purple tie in w/ my doily rug.

Anthropologie curtains

Crate & Barrel Vaughn sofa

The Vaughn sofa. We sank down into this puffy cloud of a sofa after a long day on the Coast of Maine. We were at an outlet shop. Sofa was significantly marked down. Plenty of seat depth and softness. Wool, flannel grey. The perfect grey. I especially like the design, the colour and the two cushion seat. I would have purchased it right then and there if I had a truck. Good thing I don't drive a truck as no sooner would we be half way home, too far to turn around, that I would have remembered my dog and his insistence of sitting on the sofa and how his hair would love this woolly fabric, like Winnie the Pooh to honey.

Inspiration Shot (click on photo for source, or at least via to source)

My living room is nothing like this space, but I love the lightness and whiteness and contrast and simplicity here.  I have a 1910 cottage type house. Frames around windows. Oak floors. French doors. Fireplace. So, it is nothing like my space but I should be able to draw the elements that I like to me.  And this Ikea tray table! Awesome. It will go nicely with the spindle Jenny Lind bookshelf I have been thinking about putting against my grey and white stripe wall.

p.s. we survived 96 hours of snow = 40+ inches!

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