Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend project - lighting - cool industrial dangling sockets replace chandelier

Electricity. That is a big deal. When we were kids, playing tag on my grandmas roof, many times I almost ran into the electrical wires that crossed over the roof.  Stopped short of them. Thank goodness for my limbo expertise.  Yeah, forget that we were playing tag on her roof. There were no boundaries back then, well maybe there were but they were far away.  There were 15plus cousins. We needed to outsmart each other.

Good at limbo, not so good at fully understanding the dangers of wires. Or the not so dangerous wires. I tune out, even though there may be an easy explanation. Live vs dead or inactive. Birds sit on wires. Bird on a wire. Squirrels run across them, safely to the other side, leaping on to a twig on a limb on a branch on a tree in the ground and the green grass grows all around.

BUT in all the cartoons that we watched, cartoon birds and cats (think sylvester and the obnoxious tweety ... are there any others?) exploded. SO TUNE OUT all reasoning and just be leery of wires. live or dead.

Now I want to try this little electrical project. Google it, seems easy enough. Turn off fuse box. Unscrew chandelier, unravel wires. Twist new wires on. Screw on new cover. Let hang, light and admire.

New West Elm

I know things are colour coded so rewiring should be ok. I am deft with my screw driver so I should be able to easily unscrew the cover and put the new one on. I have a helping hand to take the chandelier from my hold and pass me the new one.

The only concern I have is the one about screwing on the extra support bracket. I don't want to mess with that.  I did hire a handyman to replace a light with a fan-light. That went over well. In my old house, I wanted to change the exterior door lights with something more me. But the whole wire thing attached to the light turned me off. BUT if I can do this, then I have a whole lotta new-light-replacement jobs to do!

If not, if caution sets in, I have a back up plan. Invite handyman over. Install light. AND offer him an assistant job to my Contract-Her. And if that fails, maybe Contract-her can squeeze it in between prying off the floor.

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