Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cluster bulbs

I little while ago I stumbled across this beautiful bubble chandelier on Etsy and admired the organic look and the creativity. Hemp rope ... can't get enough of it (actually I do not know if this is hemp, but I like it)! Such a beautiful light. Kudos to the artist.

And then I noticed that this cluster lighting was popping up in other stores. How could it be? Has it always been around? I dunno, but it really lights my fire.  So when I clicked through West Elm's site and found this cluster of bulbs I treated myself.

I love it; the black cords, the option to switch out different sized bulbs! Yeah, I am sure someone else could rig this up on their own, but not me, at least not while my time right now is divided between my kids and work and maintaining my home).  As soon as it arrives I'll have to find someone to install it!

p.s. I think if I could I would have supported the artist, but I am just as pleased with W.E. version and in fact, W.E. version probably suits my home a bit more.

p.p.s AhHa! Subconscious inspiration. I saw it, but at the time, it was the sideboard and wallpaper that grabbed my attention.

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