Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This or that - sectional

Here I am at work with
One sleeping assistant (13.5mth old Lucy lou)
Two cameras; my mini pocket size Canon SD1300IS in burgundy & my SLR Rebel XT Canon,
Three, maybe even four! ideas for posts, photo-documented on cameras, and lastly,

ZERO. Nada. Not one or the other. That would be 0 USB connectors.

I hate that.

I could work. Finish off the taxes that are due, oh, in a few days. Do some other task. But I work better after a bit of writing. HA. I have better concentration for numbers and reconciling in the afternoon. HA. The real reason, I have things to say and show NOW. Ideas to get down and write about....document eatings (WIAW)...document crafts....document design and style ... document creativity. But oh, no. No usb cables.

There was another topic marinating in the idea portion of the brain, which doesn't require my photos (which may be a good thing). Maybe if I jot it all down I will be able to formulate the pros and cons and make a decision. A very important decision. Let's see...

Spring break is next week. I thought a drive to Philadelphia for some history, museums, hotel with pool and some sofa research would be in order. Sofa research, meaning hit West Elm and sit on the Baxter sectional in cotton basket weave, Slate. And check out the colour of Otter in performance velvet. And remeasure the Blake sectional, and maybe lay on it too. Look at some pillows and file in the back of my head or better yet MAYBE use my West Elm design dollars that I earned when I bought the bed frame and linens.

Then I found another sectional.  And I am kind of liking it. A LOT. Better colour, more options.

I have decided (or my room has decided for me) that the pieced together sectional is the way to go for my livingroom. Livingroom is cut in half by the front foyer entrance and has several other openings - one to the dining room and one to the kitchen / stairs. And another door leading to the porch. And a fireplace...oh wait, that is a good thing. A sectional allows me to change it up a bit. Make it cozy around the fire place in the winter and open it up in the spring summer.

I want 4 pieces a la CB2 and two of their sectionals:

Anchor @ CB2
 The Anchor is perfect and where I first realized that the sectional was the way to go. BUT it only comes in white and brown. I do not want brown AND I cannot have white (3 cats and a dog and previously noted here)

Actually, it was the LOTUS that first caught my eye and made my want the sectional (short term memory, raise hands). It is the right colour.  But I don't want steal legs which led me to the one above, Anchor. I may replace the legs but I would first have to examine underneath which would require a road trip somewhere, wherever they are located.

Baxter @ West Elm
The Baxter I like. That is why we were going to Philly. For one last check. In Slate Cotton Weave. Although the seat may be to close to the ground, I could cope. The colour is great. And it comes in pieces so I can get 1 corner and 2 singles and the otto...oh wait, there is no ottoman. But I thought I could improvise....until...

Alcoa @ Sears
And then I found the Alcoa (not the most pleasing name for a sectional. If I were choosing by name, the LOTUS would be bought). I love the grey twill. And the extra pillows. And the legs. And even the tufts and style. BUT its sold as one piece. I may be able to overlook this. All the pieces together are too big for the area I have, but I could use the one extra piece elsewhere. This sec. also lacks an ottoman, but with the extra piece, that is ok by me.  It also has a lame write up on the dimensions, which I rely on. The winning factor though, it's at Sears, which exists in my town so no travel required to sit on it (one of the most important factors when choosing, naturally).

And now we can skip the long road trip to Philadelphia and shorten our weekend getaway drive in half and head to Howes Caverns and a Hotel with a pool AND a bowling alley. WOOT! No history or museums during our mini spring break.  Now back to work, while my assistant snoozes and I can earn some $ to pay for one of the sectionals.

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  1. All those sofas are great and really pretty:) Im totally love them. Kisses and hugs, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a charming necklace GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)


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