Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoe shopping

My focus has turned away from landscaping and over to shoes as we prepare for a European (a or an ... I am sticking with a, it sounds better) visit. Shopping in Istanbul is awesome. Think Mango, Mudo, Fabrika, Habitat, Yargici. Wagamama. And of course the Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar.  But its always nice to buy something a head of time too.

We will be walking a lot... a 10 hour day in Paris, Istanbul for 2 weeks and another layover on the way home, 12 hours in Amsterdam.

Shoe shopping we go...

Running shoes for me. Maybe I will run, probably not. But these shoes are so light and so comfortable and black, slim w/ a punch of a colour. And did I mention light. 6 oz light. And I have been waiting for a reason to get them:
(Yeah, I know. Boring. I have wedges and flats and heels and flipflops. I need running shoes. I like running shoes)

A happy yellow sandal for the girl. Or maybe the glittery silver ones:

via See Kai Run

These Tiny TOMs are adorable. Thank goodness for honest reviews. I'll have to keep the TOMS for myself. They have held out very well and are super comfy. But the tiny Toms, they say the unravel ... but they are soooo cute....

And Heely's for the boy. He loves his Heely's that he outgrew. And although they are virtually banned in shopping malls around here hopefully we can roll on by on the downlow over there. It makes touring all the more fun for us all.

I have been posting a collection of photographs on a 2nd blog, if you are interested. No words, just titles and some of my favourite pictures that I have taken over the years :).


  1. aahh all the little kiddy shoes are adorable. shoes are so important, don't try to do paris in flats. lesson learned.

  2. Thank you for the tip! How was your weekend getaway to Paris!

  3. Aww...those yellow little shoes are the cutest! You will have so much fun! Happy shopping, darling! Kisses


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