Monday, July 4, 2011

Swim: Movie

Several movies popped into my mind while I was reading about Nablopomo. So while I am traveling on a bus tomorrow morning I thought I would write this tonight, just in case I can't get logged in tomorrow. I suppose that is breaking the rules a bit...

Our bus ride leaves @ 7am, but we need to arrive an hour before. This could be tough, with a baby and boy. But we need the practice for our outbound flight that leaves @ 5:55am a week later.

The bus ride from Istanbul to Assos is 6 hours total which includes a 1.5 ferry over a Strait and a half hour wait in line for the ferry.  Assos is a small historical village. We are going here because there is a philosophy conference being held in this town. I am no philosopher, but the town itself met my criteria; historical, small and seaside. So we are tagging along. Papa is the philosopher.  He will go to talks. We will swim and play and explore.  He told me that one day the conference people will take a day trip to Troy. Can you picture 30-40 professor philosophers on a field trip. Ah the attire (perhaps strawhats, short sleeved shirts and cords), leather bound note books and cameras.

Here, in Assos, is where I plan to swim every day. Hopefully.

Tidbit of information: When we reserved our bus seats ... three seats and a lapbaby ... I was informed that Chaz will have to sit with Papa and I will sit in the solo seat with lapbaby. I was told this because Chaz always wants to sit with me and I like to sit with him and Papa sits alone. But in Turkey, they will not sit a male beside a female (strangers) or vice versa. The other seat is reserved to a female so I will sit beside her. I suppose this is why reservations are taken.

These buses are luxurious, big seats, servers and movies. I wonder if we will see.....(segue to my swim theme movie choice)

I am a  lousy movie critic.  It has been a long time since I have seen this movie and I barely remember it. BUT the picture, I cannot forget. And the very first bit of the movie. It was very sensual. Have you seen it?

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