Monday, April 15, 2013

Gallery wall

Hammer and nails and picture frames are up! 

After eying the wall and then snapping a picture there was one small gap that was just not working. Do you see it?  An awkward sized gap in the second row between column one and two, I returned to my stack of photos and found two small pictures - one black framed photo and a flower painting on a wooden block that I bought many years ago at a craft sale.  Shifting the larger frame to the left and filled it in. Easy fix.

(But to keep it real, I have plenty of extra holes behind the frames to fill in.  I didn't use any strategy other then laying the frames on my bed in an appealing manner. Then placing the frame on the wall and trying to hammer the nail in as close to the hook as possible. Sometimes that took several attempts.)

A little before and after:
The shelves were in the house when I bought it.  All of my focus was on the bathroom renovation and then the kitchen renovation. Now that the kitchen is all but done, I'm spreading my wings, dealing with clutter and fixing up the rest of the rooms.

Besides the sideways wagon wheel photo in one frame, I need to update some of the other pictures. This task was just about getting the frames on the wall!

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