Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Doily, patch curtain

A long time ago I pinned a lacy, patch curtain and started to envision trips to exotic flea markets and antique shows, collecting various pieces of lace and doily's and making my own patchy curtain. And then showcasing it in my own breezy window either in the country farm home or urban brownstone.  This lasted only a moment. Thank goodness for pinterest. Reality is, soccer, skiing and family things trump browsing; picking through vintage stained doily's and lace is clearly destined for another time in my life.

And then one day (today) I was preparing my house for sale and washing the linen window treatments that were hanging in my bedroom. The bed had been placed in front of the windows, and the pillows had pressed against the linen, pushing them against the winter damp glass windows. Over time they had become vintage yellow aged from the window condensation.  All my furniture is pushed aside right now because of the wall construction going on in the room, so a good time to reach the curtains and wash them. When I took them down they were intact, other then the yellow stains. Taking them out of the laundry, much to my dismay, I discovered two large holes. Apparently there was more wear and tear then just the yellow stain.

Before I had a chance to be completely bummed and solve my window treatment replacement problem, the lacy, patchy curtain plan came to the forefront of my mind. And while the baby napped, I successfully basted the one and only doily I have in my possession onto my worn and tired linen curtain.

And now browsing antique shops ETSY is high on my list, so I can patch the other hole.

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