Friday, January 17, 2014

Painting with a toddler

I never did get to paint that last wall in the kitchen...

Things were moving along sweetly, energy and motivation high. Counter cleared and oiled (not necessary to do for a wall painting job, but since the microwave had sat on the counter for a year, this area never got oiled.)  Paint and brushes and drop cloth laid out. Keenness still intact. But when the ladder was hauled up from the basement and set up in the kitchen the task folded, faster then superman on laundry day.

Insert picture here, but I do not have one - faster then bees to honey - toddler climbed up the ladder and started in on her balancing circus act. she was not going to stop and let me paint, so I packed up the ladder, paint and drop cloth and called it a day.

The next day contractor was knocking at the door and by the end of the day one of the biggest tasks  I need to do before listing the house and one that I avoided doing for as long as possible was put up ...

And now I know how to build a wall.  Once the compound dries, we will sand, recompound and sand again. Then I can move on to painting and decorating.

Along with the wall, we accomplished many other small things such as installing thresholds, caulking between tile and walls, kick boards and panels on pantry, removing locks and other weird things on doorway frames...

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