Monday, January 13, 2014

Dining room done, 6 rooms to go

 While my table was covered with "stuff", I painted the nook in the dining room. I had a 1/4 inch of classic gray paint left in the gallon container that I used for the rest of the room, and I was sure I could cover this small area and finally complete one room, But after a few strokes, blandness ensued and I couldn't convince myself to continue with the same colour. (Above, left is the finished wall; on the right you can see a bit of the nook, when it was white, and the rest of the wall painted classic gray)

I had visions of a darker shade of paint, a shadow.  And even though I am listing the house and all I needed to do was finish painting the room, I managed to talk myself over to the paint store to play around with darker tones. A few minutes later I left with a quart of classic gray (Benjamin Moore), but much darker, I can't say how much darker, and in the store I was a bit worried, the paint masters comparison swatches looked nothing like the colour on my wall. But I claimed, much darker and she produced.

Lighting changes this colour and sometimes its an off white, sometimes I can see hints of taupe and gray, and sometimes the nook colour looks exactly like the rest of the walls. But it is indeed a darker tone and has added some much needed intimacy in the dining room. The shadow I wanted does exist and black accents and white borders really pop.

Next up, painting and figuring out how to mount the microwave on this last wall to complete in the kitchen...

disclaimer: I am aware my photos suck! Many bloggers claim an overall improvement with their photography skills after running a blog for several years. Not me my friends, mine have worsened. And the replacement zoom lens I bought makes it difficult to get a decent angle. But I have hopes of a full house reveal in photos, eventually, So bear with me :)

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