Thursday, January 9, 2014

Order ensues chaos - Phase 1

At least I hope it does. And just to clarify, I am at the chaos stage.  My dining room table has been piled high with the rest of the house so many times in the past 5 years ... many times during the kitchen reno, many times while painting, and now, again, while I paint  (and clean and dust and organiz) that last area in the dining room.

Amidst the mess and bouncing around to different areas I'm tackling (a days work: filtering through clothes in an effort to empty and reclaim several bins for other stuff, painting dining room nook and baseboards, purging craft supplies) and also making time for myself and kids, I sometimes wonder if I am actually getting anything done.  I have strategies, such as lists:
  1. A list of things to do, 
  2. A list of things to accomplish, 
  3. A list of things that I have started and need to get back to 

... just to make sure some things do actually get finished before my cut off date.

To add to the disarray and disorder I am also moving all the company stuff out of office and to my home. Yes, just what I needed, file boxes, extra computers and other random office junk.  The printer has been warmly welcomed though and to be completely honest and candid, some of the file boxes are my personal things as I did most of my personal home admin stuff at work.

So here's to 2014 and my 5 phase, 5 step kick off to dealing with extra stuff, decluttering, finishing touches, staging and preparing to sell home and relocate to another country, my homeland.

Phase 1: Paring down and organizing.

#1. Get rid of things. Started that before Christmas. I have many bins in the attic to filter through and minimize contents. My smaller clothes and baby clothes. Toys, art supplies and lots of other stuff.  Although I do not want to get rid of everything my goal is to fill up several bags each time I visit this task, and then closer to moving day I can easier decide what else to rid myself of.

#2. Since the company closed down I have to move files to my house so I can finish off work business here. In order to do that successfully, I created an office at home (which required moving things out of blue room). My son was adamant that I keep the home computer downstairs as well, so we bought a tiny school desk for downstairs and moved the other desk upstairs.

#3. Work on small tasks such as painting unfinished areas, baseboards, nooks and crannies. Fixing bad painting from previous owners - something that was on the back burner to deal with and now is the time. 5 minutes of my time while Lucy played in her room, and I chiseled off the spilled paint on the glass door knob. When things are more orderly I may return to this task and remove paint from all door hardware. Also dealing with lack of proper curtain fixtures. For me, that meant buying some dowels, painting them and resting them on outdated curtain hardware. Temporary, yet easy solution.

#4. Start organizing and packing up bookshelf contents, Box up half the stuff on my shelves now. Dust and "style". When its time to list house, paring down will mostly be done, but will be able to remove a few more items for a cleaner look. (Yeah, the top shelf still requires attention, but three boxes packed on the left used to reside on the bookshelf. Babysteps)

#5. Remember, time. I do have time. Enjoy time with kid.  Do some crafts. Use up craft supplies, instead of packing them.

Little hands at work.

#6. Take down Christmas tree. Yeah, thats gotta go.

I started this blog to collect kitchen inspiration and keep sane while doing that renovation.  I suppose now I can use this of a creative outlet, a break, as well as account for progress.

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