Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

A lot of snow, a lot of shoveling. Welcome 2014.

A lot of changes to come in this year too. Last year had me on hiatus from my day job, waiting (which really means making a lot of phone calls, pushing for the contract to be renewed) and eventually after several wins and take backs, we decided to close down the company due to the screwed up "can't name" client. But lets say sequesetration and shutdown affected us too.

This happened 7 years ago as well. Closed down company (after numerous months of waiting for contract to be issued), sold house, packed and ready to move back to home land and then received the call from client. Instead of moving back to Canada, I found a place to rent and opened up another company. After several years of the contract being renewed I bought this house. I was very conservative when choosing a house, due to the instability (yet completely appreciative) of my job and my past gut wrenching experience of having to sell a home. It was always in the back of my mind that I would have to pack it in. Upon receiving the keys to the house I immediately started to renovate the seriously outdated spaces; insulation, chimney work, gutted bathroom, gutted kitchen, landscaping etc. in a effort to get it up to today's standards and ready to sell when I had to leave. The first few years it was a fun job, but as time, life and improvements happened the house grew on us and became our home.

Eventually I will be listing the home but for now I have a wall to build and paint, a few ceilings to paint and a lot of organizing and decluttering. All while keeping my children oblivious to the up coming changes. HA.  While searching for jobs in the morning, painting by day and getting lots of family time in the evening I will hopefully be piqued by future possibilities, distracted during the day and fully engaged in the evening and have an adventure ready for the summer.

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