Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big jobs - phase 2

We are well into phase 2 & 3 of prepping house for sale, tools scattered around the house at each task location, my contractor working on the wall, myself moving from one tedious task to the next accepting the chaos and mess and knowing that finished projects will start to be ticked off the list.

Here is Phase 2, the big job list. Most necessary items to do before listing, some not so big, but had been left undone for various reasons, mostly procrastination:

1) Make wall, compound wall, sand wall, and do it again - WIP

1b) Paint the other side of new wall, and rest of son's room. Paint my side of wall.

2a) Scrape old, chipped ceiling paint, fill light hole, paint ceiling in upstairs hallway - need a very long ladder and / or scaffolding. I have neither.

2b) Paint upstairs hallway walls

3a) Research replacement interior doors for bedrooms - 2 upstairs interior doors that had been hacked up by previous owner.  Found one salvaged door - two panel, already painted white, with door knobs. Mirror on back. Listed for 125.00. Not bad. but its an hour away. Home depot 118.00 for a two panel similar trimming, pine door for 118. Came up with a 3rd option - stay tuned!

3b) Fix or replace 3a) hallway doors - half the doors are painted white, so lots of painting to happen here as well.

4) Raise microwave off of counter - a nuisance,  now have a bid on ebay for microwave wall brackets, something that appears to be popular on other continents, but not here.

5) Install shelf and magnetic knife holder

6) Paint baseboards, door frames in kitchen

7) Attach gate to poles (exterior fence - kind of an exterior phase 4 list item, but one that has been avoided)

Phase 1 - organizing, donating, packing away excess stuff,

Yea, 30,000 dollars of fixes for things I was fine to live with and eventually get to, but now I  need to do it for a sale. Except its an old house and there are 5 more years worth of things to fix and then start to replace AGAIN.  Having a cutoff point is necessary, or else I will never be done. Having an agent to sell and buyers that understand ... that this is NOT a new house, this is the charm of an old house. If they want new new new, they need to go to a different neighbourhood.

Disclaimer: These are the things I want to fix for the house. I am sure the real estate agent will approve of these fixes but also suggest more things to do - along the lines of compounding around exteior brick, mortar around fireplace in attic - unsightly things, but not problematic. I want my items completed before I invite the agent in so their list isn't discouraging or extensive.

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