Friday, February 14, 2014

The other side of the wall

One wall creates two rooms. And I know you have all been wondering what has been going on over there. (here's the other other side)

I'm still painting the baseboards and frames; paint supplies occupying most of the room, and I only have a zoom lens, so here are some close ups.

Yellow wall: Citrus Splash by Glidden
Gray wall: Horizon by Benjamin Moore
Blue wall: Evening Blue by Benjamin Moore
Light blue wall: white mixed with evening blue.

And the yellow blanket, laying on his duvet ... twice a week to soccer practice all winter long, an hour and a half each time, after a few practices just sitting there, I quickly realized that I can realize something from my bucket list too. And learn to crochet I did.

And no, the room was not painted for potential new occupants, I broke all the rules. I let my son choose the colours, after all it is his room until the end. I want him to feel like he has some control of his desires, opinions and future. He is handling the upcoming move well enough, but he is the one that has the best group of friends here and this place, this community is closest to his heart, having lived his first 11 years here.

The real estate agent comes next week, her initial run through. I decided to track down the same real estate agent I have used 3 other times. Once I heard her voice I knew I made the right decision. I know she will give me a list of things to add to my prep to sale lists, but I am looking forward to the visit, perhaps some validation on the work already done. After that visit, we are taking off for some winter fun, skating, sledding, snowboarding and visiting family and friends.

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