Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bedroom, completed

 The last item on the bedroom list is completed. Well, not actually the last, but the last one I'm doing.

 The wall, the wall that makes this an official 3 bedroom house.

The baseboard window frames scraped and painted. Window pane hot glued back on. A few bolt holes filled and painted. And the vent grate painted. The cat is a bit pissed about that one, its covered with a side table and in the way of her sleeping on it.

 I did want to play around with the closet, either tear down the middle part of the wall, exposing the window and building a bench. This would allow lots of light in the room and a cozy place to sit. OR maybe I would have torn out the wall and put in Asian type sliding doors. For now, the blue patch door remains. Although I'm calling this room done, there is still work to be done on the doors, the one with the missing panel and the closet door. But that can go on a different list.

The to do list
Fix broken glass pane
paint trim
paint baseboard
remove mirror woo hoo!

Paint walls here
paint blue splotch on closet door.
Remove two shelves on other walls
Hang picture frames / Make gallery wall. here 
Remove hardware (door handles and plates) in order to remove years of white paint.
Refinish hardware.
Curtain rods - temporary solution installed.
Find a new OLD door or fix hole in door.
Create some kind of headboard.
Build & paint wall.
Or insert french doors.
Revamp closet - either open up middle section to expose window. Or....???
Edit wardrobe.
Mount a tv on the wall w/ a wooden console thing under it.
Paint ceiling. BUT first remove that bubble popcorn ceiling paint. Yuck (Will probably never get around to do this, but it should be done)
Install ceiling light - electrical work (probably wont get around to that either)
New linens and duvet.

Update 1
Update 2
Update 3

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