Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cheaper then buying a headboard

Paint one on.

While I was prepping and checking my paint inventory to paint the newly erected wall, I wondered if I had enough Puccini pink paint left in the gallon to cover the entire wall to finish my room. Taking the cautionary route, I decided to use the leftover hallway colour (Cameo Stone) to cover a block in the middle of the wall. And then I decided to add some lines.

 I have painted stripes before, a few years ago (and the week before Christmas); Since then I had read a new technique and thought I would try that.

After taping off the area, (which was all done by eye), take the base colour (in my case Cameo Stone, the lighter colour) and paint over tape and base colour, creating a barrier along the seam. Then apply the other colour.

When pulling off the tape,  the barrier has prevented the other colour from leaking under the tape. And it works! The lines are seamlessly perfect. I removed the tape as soon as I was done painting a second coat, if you wait until it dries there is a chance paint will chip off with the tape.

The only problem I encountered was a few specks of base paint peeling off with the tape. I assume this was due to the drywall and only a few coats of paint on the wall. An easy touch up job.

I'm still painting the baseboards, the after, after will come later. It  has better proportions in this picture; when I first stepped back and looked at it, I thought it was too narrow and tall, but now I think it will work. 

Perhaps not as intricate or obvious as the one I saw in Anthropologie a few years back, nor as easy to stick on as Urban Outfitters headboard decals, but definitely less expensive and much lighter and easier to (not) have to pack up and move.

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