Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cameo stone

My new favourite colour - Cameo Stone by Glidden (a mix red, brown, black (and a white base, I suspect))

I am not even done painting the hallway, yet I love it - probably because the 5 year old flat white was getting old so anything was better but I can't help thinking that I would use this colour in my next house too. It is between  "classic gray" (more taupe then typical gray) and "wheatberry" (soft pink) test colours I had on the wall.  In the store it looked more tan with a hint of rose, but here it flickers and changes, from purple to off white to putty. Its warm. Its light. It is great for this wall and hallway, which gets all sorts of natural southern light through out the day. 


It also goes really well with the Pinch of Spice I had tested and did NOT like, on the bottom portion of the stair well, many months ago, and am now considering keeping it. I wonder if the new owners would like our handprints left on the wall?

chugga chugga chug chug, inching a long, soon it will be all down hill

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