Monday, January 27, 2014

Face lift stage - interior - Phase 3

Instead of starting and finishing one job at a time, I have started all 8. (Including the Big jobs - Phase 2) Yes, utter house chaos... Pieces of home debris littering the floors, tools scattered through out the house, at each task location.  My little camera displaced FOUND. Chaos continues.

Details, facelift, little jobs for the added touch:

1) Scrape paint off window glass from previous owners paint job. Yay for my new glass scrapping tool. Boo in discovering the outside of glass is covered in paint too.

2) Scrub, clean and paint vents. Old, chipped, painted vents that I had researched and planned to eventually replace with antique replicas...  for the time being functional vents that were acceptable to me, but definitely worth a paint job for listing.  Downstairs Completed!

3) re-Caulk, touch up grout, reseal tile in bathroom (3rd time I have stripped and replaced caulk, and I still suck and that)

4) Install and stain thresholds.

5) Scrap and touch up peeling paint on window sills and frames.

6) Wash curtains to freshen up the place. Darn holes and make a doily patch curtain

7) Fill in wall holes, large wall holes from super bolts. Touch up paint.

Phase 1 - Reality, Organize, round 1 of purging

Phase 2 - Big jobs

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