Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Banister remounted!

 This wasn't even on my short list of interior projects, but it's completed and checked off!

The banister clasp had broken and the rail had been propped up in the hallway for a while.  Re-intalling it wasn't a big deal, (once I figured out which aisle the clasps were in). Choosing a paint colour for that portion of the wall caused the delay.

It had been a cold, blue white for a while, one that I did not like but wasn't sure what colour  the rest of stairwell was going to be. Yesterday I tried Cameo Stone but decided that had too much colour for the downstairs, (the lilac side of Cameo Stone was too apparent). Today I wanted it done, so I grabbed the half quart of Classic Gray plus 50% deeper and splashed that on. Perfect -neutral, warm, adds depth and accents the architectural detail. IT diffuses the black stairs and rail and transitions well with the upstairs wall colour ... so yeah, Kills it!

Now I just need to caulk the seam and paint the trim.  Another goal of mine is to empty some paint cans and that's coming along well too.

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