Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Wish List

Anthro, Urban and Free People. I love this family. Browsing online, through the magazine or when I get the opportunity, walking through their stores. I always find inspiring stuff. Heck, the space itself is inspiring.  Walking through Anthro is as good as going to a museum.  Shortly after giving birth to my son and spending months and months - it was probably over a year - trying on and returning pants and getting discouraged, I walk in to downtown Philly Anthro, grab 6 pair of pants and to my disbelief they all fit. Perfectly. I bought three of them. Anthro was there when I needed them most.

A few months ago the ribbon was cut and Urban Outfitters opened in my city. Previous to that I was only able to admire their stuff online and in their magazines.  Nothing better then a bubble bath and a few magazines w/ Anthropologie's magazine on the top of the pile. And now I get my fill in real, whenever I need the aura of this family.

When I travel I most certainly google all locations of the stores and make sure I hit one of them.  Free People, they have the best lacy bra. I had a few of these pre-Lucy. Several years ago.   Early in my pregnancy, I carefully wrapped them up and set them at the back of my drawer. Until NOW. They still fit, they are in great condition and I get to feel all girly again.  And I can buy another colour as I happily discovered they are still sold online.

The Wish List. Love this online store option. When I see an item I love, over to the wishlist it goes. And it stays there forever, even long after the item has sold out. I get a polite notice, asking me to remove from wishlist and sometimes I oblige. But the items I never lose interest in, the ones that make me smile when I see them, I keep there. Sometime I even buy an item. These stores never disappoint.

A lot of the items end up selling out while I gaze at them; the ones I really want, I linger over for awhile before making a decision and if I'm lucky they go on sale and then I scoop it up, like the leather butterfly chair - actually that was a Snow Day - free shipping offer. And I jumped on it.   And a few items, like the beautiful Ludhiana Woven Bench, I kick myself for not clicking sooner. This bench has already sold out twice, very quickly. I also missed out on a long bench, but I never had a place to put it, until now (a few years later). C'est la vie.

Coco Cabana Chair

Right now I am drooling over the Coco Cabana Chair - I would like two for my new kitchen, but the kitchen is not even gutted yet and it will be a few months before I make those kind of buying decisions. Gotta flow my money to the reno first. But maybe if I can decide between the red versus the silver metal and maybe there will be some other kind of incentive ....

Some other beauties on my wish list, (that have recently all sold out - darnit!), but still worth presenting...sometimes they restock!

Industrial Rolling Side table
This rolling table has been sitting in my wishlist for awhile, but I sure could use it next week, in my newly gutted kitchen. I'll need a work space!

And below, the woven bench. Argh. My roommate was supposed to buy this for me, as part of his "rent". His foreign credit card wouldn't work online so he asked me to get it and he would give me cash. I never got around to it. I saw a bench, very similar to this design, for a thousand dollars. That sold me. Its come back once, and sold out in a day. Hoping for a re-appearance.

Ludhiana Woven Bench

And a few other sweet furnishings:
Midcenturies table

Faux Fur butterfly chair

Mid-century chair

Check out this older article, May 07, about the family Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People and their move to a shipyard office.

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