Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bedroom inspiration

My bedroom is way down on the list of things to do, although occasionally I look at bed frames, bedding and other ideas. I am hardly moving forward as I cannot decide between a queen or king mattress. My practical side says Queen; it will fit in the bedroom much better. I will be able to move it up and down the stairs myself, it costs less including new sheets that will have to bought. My heart and fun side say KING with lots of pillows and duvets so we can all sleep in the middle together.

I had bought myself a huge wooden Pottery Barn dresser when I first moved in. I love it, three huge drawers, holds all my clothes and lovely wooden colour and hardware, very farmlike.  I know I need a storage bench at the end of the bed and had found the perfect one at Marshalls, caramel tufted leather.  These old houses lack storage and justified a storage bench being worthwhile purchase. Except, when I figured all this out and returned to store, the one I had decided on was gone and the others fail in comparison.

Besides the mattress dilemma and lack of storage, and flipflopping between cozy room versus a minimalist room, I have always liked West Elms Chunky low frame. But then I fell in love with West Elms Nailhead upholstered bed frame, in grey.  I was so inspired by the GREY nailhead low bed frame I quickly made a decision on the size of bed, some linen and clicked them all into the shopping cart. ALAS, there was no GREY nailhead bedframe left, in either Queen or King size. I even called them up to find out the chances of restocking this item. Nada.

And then I saw this room...

photo via www.setdecorators.org

So much colour, fabric and texture in this room.  The headboard is gorgeous and I know making a headboard as a DIY is all over the net**.  The side chairs are also beautiful! I even love the colour of the room. I'm very inspired by all this and maybe will move forward with ... at least painting!  This bedroom is a still shot from the movie, Adjustment Bureau ... the movie was just what I needed to see. A little action, A little romance and some good lines. The ending, well enough said, how else could they have ended it.

The room reminds me of another picture I saw in an Anthropologie flyer. I can't find the photo, it must have been on paper. It wasn't so much the the room itself, but the overall essence, colour, fabric, lived in yet clean ... maybe I cannot decided, but I know what my eyes and insides are saying.  Now I am determined to find that other picture and verify the similarities.

Here is one link of a bazzillion, on DIY headboards:

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