Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kitchen challenges, ah, mostly a little bit of nothing

My kitchen is an odd shape. I have probably said that before, several times. I am not able to make a long galley kitchen, nor a U-shaped kitchen nor a L shape. I guess it was sort of a L shape with a stove in the corner before, but that wasted a lot of corner. There just isn't a wall that is long enough for a sink and stove. And counter space.  pfffffft

I want a sitting area, counter-space, pantry, half-bath (already exists / not willing to get rid of it), and a working oven. Simple enough. My wants are shrinking. Well, maybe some other storage solutions....other then my handy spice boxes / clementine wooden fruit box. 

At the back of my work work, (like paying job work book) note book, I have several pages of sketched out, not to dimension, kitchen layout possibilities. 

But I am always at a loss of what can be done with the space. Maybe if I could remember to bring in the dimensions, I could use a kitchen planner program. I have played with IKEAs kitchen planner, but not successfully. Also, that store is {sadly}a 4 hour drive away so an  IKEA kitchen is not part of the plan.  HA. I am probably getting tired of walking around the corner, from sink to stove to sink again. Around the open plumbing. Chair, Lack of counter space. Socks getting stuck on nails....Actually, we are coping fine. I may need to switch the stove and fridge around for the time being. See how that works, a more direct walk from stove to sink. That path is well traveled, I have learned.

I do have a kitchen CONTRACT-HER who wrote down the dimensions and is working on a layout. And I have picked out my fridge, the bottom freezer (which makes it more energy efficient), french door LG 19-20 cubic feet beauty.  And I do want one purple wall.  But for the most part I am filling my piggy bank and thinking about a back deck off the dining room. A little outdoor kitchen space for the summer.


  1. Love the term "contract-her"! Honestly, I'm overwhelmed just looking at your plans. I don't think I couldn't handle planning my own renovations. It would probably give me a panic attack. But I'll be happy to live vicariously through yours!

  2. It is a great name contract-her; it is her company name!

  3. You go, girl!! I am always overwhelmed by the thought of a total room renovation...but you seem to have some great ideas and the ability to handle it all! Keep us updated :)

  4. I think, its always really overwhelming to do a renovation but I think that you have some amazing ideas, sweetie. Go for it! Happy Friday, sunshine


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