Saturday, May 7, 2011

A modern home

That is, a Modern Dollhouse home.

The Emerson Doll House

And some modern furniture to go with it. (nice sectional :))

When my son was younger I was on the look out for a doll house, but I could never hand over the money for one of the uber cool ones. We ended up making one out of a bookshelf / peaked roof. We tiled the kitchen floor (red,black and white) and painted a wall yellow. We glued shingles on half of the roof (its a work in progress ;)) and painted one side of the house bright blue. I bought a small Dremel so we could cut out windows and doors...I managed one door opening. We found select furniture pieces and a family to move in. We were supposed to build a loft for a bathroom, add a stair case and another door into the upstairs room. And, of course, finish the roof and painting.

This morning I was in the toy room and went over to the dollhouse. I shook out a doily and moved some rugs around; small pieces of sample upholstery that I collected. I moved a tiny toy to another room in the doll house and straightened the chairs at the table. I moved a dollkid into the kitchen to keep gramma doll company. I left the two other dollkids sleeping in the beds, but changed the blankets around. I touched each object with love and care and thought that this home, although unfinished, was loved and will come to life again when Little Lucy becomes interested. Maybe we will get to the unfinished dollhouse plans after all.

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