Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nursery revamp

I am a bit sentimental so I am not quite ready to redo Lucy's nursery but I cannot get this adorable ribbon wallpaper out of my mind.  I love her room the way it is now. Because it was made from love. But that wallpaper. Oh my.

For the time being I have settled for an olioboard room update...

It would merely require painting the 3 walls  (some off white, vintage white, something), buying the wallpaper for a 4th wall.  And the wardrobe. I don't have that either.  And the blue cubbies. That looks like a good way to store little things. And a bookcase. Definitely will need some kind of book / toy display case. For now we are still use a "changing" table. Maybe when she refuses to lay on it for changes.  And the rocker, that still gets lots of use too. She still cradles in to my arms and falls asleep while I rock (but I can no longer lay her down in the crib...that, she entirely objects too, loudly). Maybe when I make the crib a little bed, maybe then I will feel ready to update the room.

Wardrobe, cubbies, wallpaper, paper lanterns, bookcase, crib sheet.

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