Monday, August 8, 2011

OH My darling! Boho boy

Shoes: Old Navy circa 2004, "Birkenstock"
Shorts: Zara - circa 2004, cool RED cargo shorts.
Shirt: Under the Nile lap shirt; 100% organic cotton. so soft, so thick.
Accessories: belt - red flower material sewn in a long narrow strip.

On mom: Anthropologie pants; no-name and well loved corduroy jacket; Mango green t-shirt; Teva flip flops; water bottle; Turkish kilm pouch/wallet in pocket

**photos from the archive, 2004


  1. Lovely, lovely photos. I can always count on your blog to have either: some great house stuff, some great shopping stuff, or some great baby stuff. Love it!

  2. Babies get to wear the cutest and coolest clothes, I swear!

  3. Adorable pictures!!!!! And this little darling is so stylish and look very cute. Say hello from me to your little prince. Or princess.... You both are so beautiful.

    Love these pictures a lot.



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