Saturday, August 6, 2011

The "project half completed" list

I was looking around my posts & home to see if I can partake in PWMS's and all I find are incomplete projects. I wonder if she would mind if I post a couple incomplete projects? Does she have rules?, I ask myself. Come along she says, your whole life is currently a PWMS. Good 'cause I like a party.

Idea. Lots of 'em.
Start project. Easy to do.
Complete project. hmmm not so many.

Welcome to my list of half complete and WIP projects. From a winging it, not always planned out kind of person.

Crafty type projects on the go:

1) Poncho started a few months ago and now resting on top of sewing machine. Who starts a double fleece thick poncho in the spring, just as the temperatures are rising. Is the humidity and heat really going to motivate me to finish this?

2) Banner flags started before that, and now pinned, unsewn on a string, loosely tied up across the dining room window. Ah, they look pretty enough there...

 3) Painted chalk frame. Oh Look I finished painting it. Oh look, it still has the paper insert in it. Can I not even stick a picture in it and put it on the wall? Too bad it is 5x8 because I have a couple 2x3 pictures looking for frames. I just wanted to use up my chalkboard paint.

4) Painted letters. Yep painted, but not hung. And I have these flowers to glue on to them. But where have I put the flowers. Gluing today might be a good idea. But I kinda like looking at the letters here, in my dining room.

5) Pile of kitty pictures that we bought to frame. Still sitting in pile.

6) Uh oh,  another idea...found on pinterest

7) A sea shell mobile / wind chime. No I didnt run out of shells, I ran out of direction. Hung it up as is.

Maybe I spend more time writing, less time doing? Maybe, but when the list gets long, I'm forced to cross some things off.  Also, I have made a point to do some scraping each morning while the kids are sleeping. But not this morning as there is a slumber party going on down here.

The Bigger half-completed Projects, some even in progress:

1) Vestibule...coming along nicely ... in sara-time.

2) Rock Patio...I started rummaging around my house looking for rocks. Made an impressive pile. And haven't gone back out there since. updated: was admiring my pile when my neighbour informed me that shale will not make a good patio. boo. but...

2a) unexpected  PROGRESS. Cleaned out the corner-crap-old-mildewy shrub and bad tree growth. thanks to "cowboy", a guy with a lawnmower who walks the neighbourhood looking for jobs. You can see the crap behind the pile or rocks. I might even be able to post about that.

2b) The ground that was dug out for the patio is now rock hard, but not level enough to use as patio. Plus, the overgrowth gets in the way.

 3) Gutted kitchen...Ideas are formulating. I'm OK with this. I would like to do it, but thats a money thing. Saving money while ideas come together.
4) Redo living room...some things bought, most things reused. Want new sofa.
5) Dining room...I did buy a sideboard. I talked about the research, and possible design, but never posted about the purchase and almost completed dining room ...  as the sideboard quickly became stuffed with art supplies, puzzles, games, dishes - things that had to be cleared from the kitchen in order to gut it.
6) Uh, I did finally hang one of two curtains I bought for the dining room. The room got really hot and I wanted to block the sun. Its hanging on the window that I want to become french doors.
7) The electrician. Come on Sara, just call. Lets see how it will look in my dining room.
7) Bedroom makeover...Got the bed. Rearranged some furniture. But never posted pictures.
8) Bathroom...this was completed. Almost. That is when I started my blog, so I never did write the post that I wanted too.
9) Paint downstairs walls. White&white (they are already dirty white; they need paint). Have a couple paint combos, need to get to store for samples.
10) Backyard garden -  even this is only half done ... WHERE are the Cosmos flowers?  When will they bloom. Got some hardy stems, but no flowers. See those green spidery petals and thick stems. The flowers are missing. I need to google this.

With all these undone projects, there are a couple things that did get done. I DID get my "city" tree. That took one year and 10mths.  I did mulch my flower garden. And I did plant some ornamental grass in front that survived. The lily in the back, did not survive.

And we did go traveling.

Luckily I do not get bothered by the condition of things, but I do get bothered when the list gets too long or just plain lack of progress ... Which is where it is at.

SO for this weekend, since we are not going anywhere other then local things (grease up the bike and here I come farmers market!):
1) work on newly cleaned up outside garden corner, re-pile shale, toss in the bag of soil that I bought a few months ago, but never go to use for veggies...
2) find some frames for little kitty cat pictures
3) glue flowers on letters, perhaps.
4) CALL ELECTRICIAN... on Monday


  1. I want your seashell windchime! I laughed when you said that you ran out of direction, not shells. I think it's lovely as is. And I really like your banner flags. They're going to be beautiful when finished! (Or they're already beautiful now and don't need to be finished. Whatever you prefer.) You're so creative with all of your projects!

  2. You'll get there. Good for you for putting it all on a list. Home ownership can feel so overwhelming. As I type this, there's sheetrock dust EVERYWHERE in my kitchen. Oh well. Someday, my husband and will sit and wonder how we got it all done (and that will be many decades from now!).
    And, you're so talented -- look at all those projects.


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