Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inbetween contracts

Work is super slow right now. As in nilch. Nada. Nuttin'. Waiting for contract to be signed. But I still have to show up and sit and wait. All day. I do do some things, like turn on the lights. Make it appear like an active office. Pay a couple of bills. Look at some spreadsheets. And watch for the post man. That has been exciting; three different postmen over the past few weeks. Our usual postman was promoted to a better route. A better route for him, he tells me. "Less packages to tote around for delivery, flatter terra firma". We have had a few temporary postmen, until one lands this route.

Sometimes I see a matinee and then return to work. Yesterday I saw Ides of March. Last week I caught Elite Killers. The week before, Driver. Before that, Crazy.Stupid.Love. And I am forgetting a few in between. Ryan Gosling was in three of the movies that were released this fall. Lucky me. And Yes, it takes THAT long for a contract to be signed.

Sometimes I leave early. Like today. I will pick up my son after school and take him shopping. He went to school today wearing shorts, t-shirt and sweatshirt. Its 35 degrees and snow in the forecast. He asked me why I haven't done laundry. I asked him why he wouldn't wear one of the three pair of long pants that are in his dresser drawer.

He wins. Well, in the long run at least, as I'll take him shopping tonight. But I am pretty sure he was very, very cold after his 15 minute walk to school. I didn't know 9 year olds could be so particular about clothing. Although he had forewarned me. "No cords. No sweatpants (anymore)." And he is a Libra. Same as me. And yea, it can take me a few years to find a perfect pair of pants. SO I should know and more so, be understanding.

My daughter comes to work with me on Monday and Fridays. And we do nothing together for the day.  For a few hours on the other days she continues with her babysitter, so I can do the office stuff. As well, her babysitter is having her own baby in a few weeks and we thought it better to continue this way, until her baby arrives..  But this morning, as I dressed Lucy, as per usual, and tucked her little ribbed velvet blackish leggings into her shiny little black boots she said "bye". As in, "Bye dad, I'm going with my mom today." She cried while I tried shutting the door leaving her on the inside. I cried too. I console myself, as she gets to spend time with her dad; its wet and cold outside. I'm walking to work... But that moment cannot be erased from my mind, especially while I am sitting here with no work to do.

My days of nothingness... I did buy a mouse today. My 10+ year old mouse was dying. The past few weeks I had to bang the mouse down on the pad to move the cursor, rather then rolling it across the pad. The new mouse has helped significantly; blood pressure down, annoyance levels flattened.  I will be able to return to work tomorrow. If I waited a day longer, I may have quit.

SO along with a working mouse and oodles of time and my small new obsession, the CB2 Piazza velvet storm sofa
living room olio design board #6
Thankful for Olio boards (well, for a few minutes). And until the contract is signed, I can work this sofa on the design board and see if it will end up in my living room.

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  1. haha. when I first read that you bought a new mouse, I seriously did think in my head that you meant a real animal mouse. And then I read that you had to bang the other one, and then figured out what you meant. lol!

    Ugh, days of nothingness are hard. Makes the hours draggggggggg by.

  2. I love the way that you write! I could honestly see this as a scene in a of the movies about the futility and tedium of living and working in corporate America. Like Fight Club. Without the blood.

    Loved this post!

  3. You made me smile, Stephanie. Thank you. :) Maybe I will change the title of the post as you clarified the real meaning of it.

  4. I've been there...the tedium of the day to day can be mind numbing.

    I always say that I'd rather be 110% busy at work than 50%. Otherwise, what's the point of being away from my house? And my kids?

    Thanks for linking up with #ShowYourWork!!

  5. I totally get it. The ins and outs of working. I'm with Ryan, when there is just a little to do, I drag my feet..when there is a lot to do, I work my tush off!

    Maybe that mouse will inspire some new contracts to come in.

  6. I hate that nothingness! When I had a different job I experienced that a lot. I would have to come in every day and try to look busy. So frustrating. I can get so much accomplished when I have too much to do. I always feel like I need a list. I too could see it as a movie scene. With music and fades to show the passage of time. Great post!


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