Friday, March 9, 2012

Window Full Greenhouse

My talented and resourceful friend lives way up north in Alert Bay, British Columbia. On the side, she manages a bed and breakfast. On a regular day she makes her dreams come true, having the determination, panache & snazze of Wonder Woman.

She bought a boat and then bartered her cooking skills with a boat makers skills so she could learn how to refurbish bought boat, aiming to set sail this summer. But this post isn't about her dream boat, not yet. Right now its about the glass greenhouse she built at the community garden.

She and a wwoofer decided to build a greenhouse. They scoured the island for abandoned windows. Got a level and shovel, a hammer and some nails and started creating.


Rock star recycled window greenhouse builders!  My friend Chris doesn't have a blog, but she writes so well and I have always encouraged her to start one, selfishly, so I could read her stuff ... instead I will leave you a quote from her and their building experience.

" ... We were just always flippin busy figuring, cutting, staining, screwing it together, building, eesh, then all the refiguring, recutting, restaining, rescrewing, rebuilding...ultimately she will be beautiful overgrown!! carpentry kicked my ass this month .i'll leave it at that:)" ~Chris Joy

Go team! I suspect there will be lots of vegetation growing in here this summer. I also suspect the community is super grateful for their new greenhouse.

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