Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sun porch

True to the promise I made myself and an attempt at distraction while waiting for the tileman, and, well, it was long over due, I cleaned the sun porch and, not only did I ORDER new curtains, I HUNG 'em too!

And true to my typical style, it may look half done, but it's not. I have only hung two of the three curtains. The third one is purple and is meant to hang to the right of the yellow one, in place of the burlap and in order to fill in the corner of the room. I want the window that is left of the purple one bare, so I can watch what is going on outside. The other two windows are where the sun sets and it gets mighty hot in here when they are bare. For now though, I have left the burlap curtain up.

See my dog, behind the chair, trying to steal the cat food. 

I went to the fabric store in search of industrial size rolls of gauze. They used to carry this, 10 years ago. I had bought some blue and off white gauze. Alas, this industrial roll is discontinued. These curtains work well, plus they are hemmed and finished. via UrbanOutfitters - gauze.

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