Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kitchen update

I can see clearly now the ... fridge ... is gone.

Sitting in the dining room at the computer and looking to the right into the kitchen, I have a good feeling about the soon to be completed kitchen transformation.

The layout

Its been a long, long haul (kitchen gutted in feb 2011). I am tired of this dirty looking sandblasted sub floor, the spotted walls, the pet hair...oh wait, that is not going anywhere. Hmmm, oh well. Ever since decisions had been made several months ago, not much has been going on but receiving purchases (fun) and waiting. Not literally of course. I have not whittled a paddle or twiddled my thumbs, but am patiently waiting, keeping my sanity.

The design board

After a few consults with a kitchen designer and LOTS of kitchen inspiration pictures, I took the DIY approach and came up with a layout that I thought best suited the kitchen space, with out tearing down walls or MOVING the kitchen to another room ... oh, well I guess we did bust down one wall, replacing a rotted window with french doors.
Some work in progress, before and after. Access to the outside. "The Parisian Balcony"

I KNOW the kitchen will be better then what it was; more counter space, more space overall, lighter, brighter, airier..., But someone else, seeing it for the first time, might wonder why this layout. I don't think I have ever posted before pictures because it was so dirty, dark, outdated and depressing so we will wait and compare when its done.

Counter samples, cabinets and floor samples.

The small update: I had craigslisted the old fridge, needed it moved out so the floor can be tiled. Fridge was working and contractor was sure I would get lots of calls from landlords. True that, but little response after the first contact. After a week I wasn't so sure if any of the callers would follow through and imagined the ad getting lost in the deep list of other items for sale. Until last night... Fridge sold and gone!  This should motivated the contractor to come and do the flooring. I pushed the temporary cutting board counter and recycle storage tower into the corner, clearing the middle of the kitchen and allowing me to visualize this. This picture I found one day, that solidified my plans. The awkward corner, that may look this dreamy when I am done.


There are a few things to work out, such as the sink. And the pantry. But Im sort of done talking about it. tick tock, tick tock.

You can see all my kitchen inspiration here, on pinterest.

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