Friday, January 11, 2013

Homemade fencing swords

We return home tomorrow.  Although hard to tell from the picture above, I have new inspiration and ideas to finish my kitchen. A fun idea for my bedroom upgrade.  And, just a whole lot of renewed spirit, so much that I am anxious to get home and back and back to fixing up the place. The picture above ... when I saw it I was happy to see my kids were happy and occupied and I didnt look irritated (its tough carrying around a 30 pounder, my injured shoulder is taking a beating) but some what tired and spacing out, so much I dont even remember the picture being taken. We were waiting for some carbs. A cool student hangout on campus @ Bosphorus University. The cat below, one of the lucky ones whom seems to have inside space, was beside us on the window sill. Up for a stretch and back down. I wanted to curl up with him.

I never adjusted to the 7 hour time change, often wide awake at 2am (here).  This morning was the first morning we were all up at 9am. We had been rising at 11, which is freaky for me, but subtract the time change, my regular waking hours. Up early this am, I was still tired and resting on the couch. My kids were up to something...and when I forced myself to fully alert I was presented with some swords,  masks and a fencing demonstration. 


Materials: * paper, scissors, tape * chopsticks * one toy container * pictures by the boy.

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  1. i felt more energized even reading that! :) happy new year!


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