Friday, May 31, 2013

Yard Sale

Tomorrow, in the high heat, my neighbour and I are attempting a yard sale. Five years ago a friend and I got together and tried the yard sale thing and although it was fun, I neither made much (30.00 dollars) nor got rid of enough to make it worth while.  And people seemed to want things priced for 0.00 dollars???

I'm pumped and hoping for a better haul and purge.  I imagine if I had to pack up and move, what would I rather like to unload first and that's what is getting hauled out tomorrow.  I have amassed many trinkets (from around the world, thanks Sun for all the key chains???) and extra dishes that I just don't use.  I have come to terms with my age and different body shape so selling off sundresses, some still with tags. My stuff has grown to the point where I am reluctant to buy other people gifts in case they have the same animosity towards the gift "oh no, more stuff {{grimace}}". I don't know, its like kids with toys, the more they have the harder it is to appreciate each one, to the point where they dont even see what they have.

Lucy is helping, checking things out and vetoing some items asking in disbelief "You CANT sell this". Maybe she is right, I find that after I give something away, a few years later I am looking for it and think why do I always give away the wrong things. I let her take back what she thinks we should keep (even if it is a bib that we no longer use, or really cool blundstone softie infant shoes).

Most things I'm happy to exchange for a few bucks, but I will attempt to sell one high priced item, an antique over dyed Turkish rug. I packed it up a year ago and have enough other kilim's packed up (cannot use due to dog hair). Downsizing at least one will be worth it.

What I really need to do is open my OWN store. I appreciate pretty things, I'm selective, and I like to buy. Selling things is also a good feeling, having someone else appreciate your taste.

So good luck to me!


  1. i loooove throwing garage sales! but yah, sometimes its not worthwhile, but every penny counts!

  2. Good luck to you. The last time I had a garage sale, I found the same thing you did; folks want to pay practically nothing for pretty valuable stuff. In recent years, I've had decent luck with craigslist for selling larger items, like that nice rug you have. The little stuff has just been piling up. I may be due for another garage sale soon.


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