Monday, November 18, 2013

Ole' barnwood shelves, Installed

Finally, dishes in the kitchen and above the sink on the newly installed open shelving!

Along with installing the pantry the other day, the old barnwood planks were put up. (Last year my contractor dug around in his hayloft and found some 100 year old barnwood planks for my kitchen. I scrubbed and watered the dust and dirt off and then applied tung oil. And then they sat behind the kitchen door for a long time - they are very beautiful with their circular markings and rough cut and they are VERY HEAVY)

Took several tries, but we got it. Eventually I will fill in the holes, maybe when I get around to the backsplash. You can't see it in these pictures - zoom lens problem - but the other two brackets are askewed (along with the pre-dated, pre-coded, askewed studs ... old house factor). For now, I HAVE UPPER SHELVING. And a place for the IPOD.


I love my zoom lens but that is all I have, a zoom lens, which makes it tricky to get a straight angle of the shelves.  The best I can do is go down the stairs, look up and snap the misaligned brackets from down below.  I love the shelves; sure makes working in the kitchen complete.

p.s. last years recap of the kitchen renovation, and dare I say, almost down a year later?!

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