Friday, November 15, 2013

Pantry, Installed

3 months packaged up and waiting, and the unexpected, but long awaited for phone call comes through. The contractor is free and eager to come and help. A handful of screws and bolts, lots of drilling and the pantry is up. It's a bit of a slow blowing whirl wind, waiting and waiting and waiting and then, in only a few hours, the long anticipated update is made.

The IKEA SVEP hardware that I used for the rest of the cabinets was discontinued, shorting me two handles for the doors, so I'll need to come up with some idea ... thinking of leather loops for a temporary fix which will turn into permanent, because, hey, that'll be cool and work; bending down to open the doors will get old quickly.

Let me interject here, with a personal-personal story, Lucy listening to the Ipod...

... and trying to turn it off.  I recently uploaded Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. It came on this morning while we were making breakfast. The music and voice are so powerful, emotional love and pain swept across Lucy's face with in the first few notes of the song, She held up her arms to be held. The voice and lyrics so deep and beautiful, even the young moved to tears. Later on, when the song came back on, she's pictured here trying to turn that sadness off.

I'm not sure where I will prop the IPOD console which had been sitting on the open, temporary shelving, but instead of rewiring and moving the plug and switch that was on the wall, we cut a hole in the back of the pantry, pulled the electrical out a bit, and coverplated it on the inside. The plug is mostly useless now, but the switch is for lamppost in the back yard.

We quickly filled the shelves (and I'll reorganize them as needed) but I'm surprised and impressed and even giddy with all room I have now.  Another 10" deep x 48" IKEA cabinet will fit in the empty space above the pantry, which will bring the pantry to the ceiling (and no  more dusting). Inside, we ran out of shelving so a few more are in order. Other then that, all the medium sized appliances and food finally organized and out of sight!

Building our IKEA Kitchen took 4 trips to various IKEA's within a 5 hour radius. The pantry was delayed knowing it wouldn't fit in my car. But an opportunity arose and in September we drove to Boston to catch an international soccer game at Griffith stadium. The next day we hit IKEA and bought the pantry. Loaded it on the roof and headed 4.5 hours west.  Not even out of the city, it start to rain. We found a dollar store and plastic paint drop "cloth". Wrapped it around the bundle of boxes on the car and made it home, Had to unload the suckers at midnight since it was still raining and I wanted to prevent any potential damage. One door is a bit warped, not sure if it was from the rain or the factory, but hanging up now, it may straighten out.

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