Monday, November 11, 2013

Medicine cabinet

I found and painted this "medicine cabinet" a few weeks months ago and finally installed it in the main bathroom, possibly the smallest main bathroom in existence.  Extra storage was needed, but I didn't want to darken the space with shelves or anything that may make the room feel smaller (having already lightened up the room during the renovation a few years ago).  I scored this tall and narrow piece at Marshall's and painted it classic gray. It fits perfectly in the recessed area and doesn't get in the way of entering the shower.   My medicine supplies consist of only a few bottles of things, but the shelves are good for all other bathroom supplies.

Next up, some hooks for towels; either hidden behind the door or a few pegs extending from the medicine cabinet and behind the door. And painting the last frame on the cabinet is in order. And a nicer looking shower curtain rod...

Dealing with the shelf over the toilet... This was custom made by the bathroom renovators, but my vision didn't quite present itself to the carpenter. I'm looking for a taller piece with more room between the shelves. And a place to hang a hand towel.

And installing a  tubular skylight. I have just discovered this item and it is exactly what my little, windowless bathroom needs.

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