Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A little Christmas Cheer


 A tall skinny tree, tinsel and lights. Little Santa's brimming with delight. 

And me with a paintbrush, wanting to fix just one little thing. That red brick fireplace so bold in my face.

And so I trick myself and decide to test a wall colour. RIGHT BESIDE the brick. And then ever so fluidly while testing a paint colour on the living room wall (HA), my brush could not control itself any more and moved over to the brick, just to fix up the previous owners poorly applied edging that left splatters and splotches of primer paint on the brick... just this one little brick so I told myself.  Ever so curious if I could actually do it.  But I can't really tell so how about a few more bricks. And a few more. At the least the messy splatters are looking better...

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