Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chalked up IKEA table

Our recent trip to visit my parents was successful in the way that we FINALLY made it to IKEA. Everytime we make the 4 hour drive to the farm, I always want to take a mini trip into Ottawa for some inspiration.browsing.shopping.  That rarely happens. But this time I was determined. I had grand plans on what to buy. I had already made an online list and knew exactly where to go.

We wanted to eat and then pick up two things: 1) little table for darling L. and, 2) rail and S hooks for the helmet / backpack wall. And 3) a recycle bin and tower organizer.  And then head back across the border.

IKEA was nuts.  College kids shopping for their new digs. Due to construction on the NEW and 'HUGER' IKEA building (that will be fun when it is completed), the traffic was backed up and it was slow to find parking. I drove to the furthest corner of the make shift parking lot. Lucy was sleeping peacefully, until I moved her into the stroller. I figured I can carry the things I wanted in one hand and push her in the stroller with the other.

We went directly to the cafeteria. After a few minutes of standing in the lunch line that jetted out into the bathroom department I spied a little note at the entrance. "CASH ONLY. Due to technical difficulties, our debit/credit machines are not working". We weighed our options ... shop quickly on empty stomachs - I knew what we were getting) or go somewhere else for food and then return - I knew of no other food venues.

We drove 4 hours to this IKEA, so buck up and dive into the crowds.  We headed to the children's department and it was EMPTY. The experience just became pleasurable even on an "egg and shrimp deli sandwich" less tummy).  Chaz and Lucy played in the little cocoon chair and plastic rocker. They examined all the stuffed creatures and each picked one to hug and maul for a while; the hound dog for Lucy and the carrot for Chaz - the carrot gave Chaz another stab at begging for a guinea pig.  And I did some quick but thorough table comparing and decision making.

I came up with an idea that solidified choosing the less expensive little white particle board table for $24 (CAD) dollars. I didn't want the chairs but when we were in the "aisle and bin" area I discovered not only do I get a table for 24 dollars, I get two little chairs too! Cool.  The intention for the table was a place for Lucy to eat. When Chaz was her age, he preferred to eat off of a little table rather then sit in his highchair.

I opted out of the "nicer" all wood table when I realized I could chalkboard paint the little white top table and have an open art / eating table.  The top part of the table is this fiber / particle board; white on one side, "board" on the other side. I flipped it over and painted the board side.

Lucy is very happy with her chairs. She likes to move them around the living room and sit on them.

I am very happy with how the table turned out, for such a few $. It resides in this nook in our dining room for now, but will try it under a window later on.

And a wooden crate to hold some supplies. (See the particle board edge? Yeah, I am not finished painting it. Once I disassemble half of the table to remove the board, I will paint a purple edge -  purple chalkboard paint that is)

Yeah, I said 2 purposes at the beginning of the post and wrote down three things. While we were there I FINALLY bought this tall narrow system that holds plastic containers. Its in the childrens' dept. I will set this up to use for recycling bins in the kitchen.


  1. What a great idea to paint it with chalkboard paint! She'll get a lot of use out of that... I also love that you give your littles the choice of eating at a table like a big person. I think I might steal this idea if I'm ever blessed with kids!

  2. It is kind of funny; they would rather eat at a table like a big person, even if it is separate from the main table. I feel a bit bad that they are over and down...but she loves it.

  3. That sounds like our usual Ikea experiences! I love what you did to that table. xx


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