Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bacteria bay

Besides spending too much company time designing my kitchen online. And then the required end of year tax filings for company, online.  I have been searching for best airline prices to Puerto Rico and Little girl dresses to wear in sunny, sandy, beach town. The little dresses are for LUCY, not me.  And Puerto Rico because I stumbled across $245.00 tickets and now I HAVE to go, but I had the wrong dates and am obsessively looking for something as close as possible to that price to justify going.  All this online researching and by late afternoon, I can barely see. My eyes are tired and strained and over worked, so I may as well post pictures of the pretty things I have found.

2x2 hex honed marble for kitchen floor. But I am not really going to tile the kitchen floor in this. (trying to convince myself not too) I JUST LOVE IT. And the tile sample arrived yesterday. I can just hold on to it and caress my thumb over the little hexes for the time being.

While debating Puerto Rico or not, my friend sent along an email with things to do in P.R. She has relatives there and has gone several times. I merely picked the place because of the hot airline deals; I didn't realize this interesting bacteria bay was there!

via pinterest

She also recommends hiking in the El Yunque National [rain] Forest. I love a rainforest.
And Playa Flamenco (you know, to frolic and twirl across the sand in cute new dresses)

Can it get any better? Check out little dresses for a beach vacation.

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