Friday, March 16, 2012


Momentous event this weekend. Exciting and a tad nervous. Heading to IKEA to get the cook area stuff. EEKS!  One 30" oven cabinet. Two 15" cabinets and an oven.  Although I have narrowed in on design decisions, I'll make the final picks on the spot ... drawers vs baskets vs pullouts. Cabinet fronts.  Hardware. Hinges.   I am investigating soapstone for counters. Sample in the mail ... fingers crossed I love it when I see it - I like the idea of rubbing mineral oil on it and watching it transform to a darker colour... but I digress... The cabinets have to be sturdy enough to withhold the weight of stone.  Lets hope so. 

The NUTID vs FRAMTID - (IKEA appliances are made by Whirlpool) I like that these ovens still have knobs. I don't need a high tech pad for my baking considering I  never use any other button on the microwave other then selecting the time and pressing start. I also like that they are mostly black with just a panel of stainless steel.



Hardware: Definitely interested in cups (bin pulls) and knobs. Depending on the quality at IKEA, Rejuvenation is my 2nd option. I like the oil rubbed bronze options they have. That should go well with some lighting I just put together.

via Rejuvenation

In other kitchen news, my now coined "Parisian" balcony is in the making. The outswinging double french doors are ordered and will take 4 weeks to get to me.  I chose oil rubbed bronze for the door hardware as well. And my contractor is working on building the balcony portion. Another EEKS-I-am-so-excited/nervous.

As a reminder, here is a sketch I drew up and decided to go with.

wip kitchen

finale (except pocket door is installed correctly :)

The first drawing is flagged with work-in-progress areas. The other parts (sink, fridge,pantry) are current but will relocate later on as seen in 2nd drawing. I had always envisioned access to the backyard from the first floor (we have basement access to outside), but through the dining room to accommodate the nook in the back. Eventually that will maybe will well, it will depend on how things evolve and look.  I liked the look of this narrow balcony off of the kitchen so I took a leap and made the decision to go with it.  The blue marks are the work in progress, the sliding door is installed but the frames have been left off until we do the flooring. Since I couldn't decide on the flooring I decided to change the window to a french door. The huge 78" window was rotting and was part of the plan to update, so hello french doors and parisian balcony.

And for flooring! I found some old barn wood flooring company and I may go with that.

via Old Barn Wood

And for some eye candy, my original inspiration for the cooking area although mine should look a bit more rustic.
via Remodelista via...will be back with link

And this beautiful faucet. I love this. This is me.

via The Improvised Life

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