Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kitchen progress

Yesterday I came home to this, much to my surprise and delight! (current & before)

The space looks so much brighter with this white backer board, hopefully the tile, which is porcelain gray slate, doesn't darken it too much. The newness of the tiles and the birch white stained cabinets and dove white walls should keep it light...hopefully. And the piping is finally gone! do you see the old sink pipes coming out of the floor in the before picture? I had some eager friends wanting to use their tools on the pipes, but I politely declined, waiting until this moment...and they were fun for Lu. she enjoyed hanging on them and wiggling them around.

It's been a year+ long process. The kitchen was gutted last February 2011, which was much better working in gutted then what it previously looked like. The floor was dirty, old vinyl. The space was dark and dismal.

During this time I worked on a layout, saved some cash, decided (painfully and finally just picked something) on a floor. Distracted myself with other things, took down a rotted window and a wall and filled in the opening with french doors and a "Parisian balcony". Saved some more cash, bought the appliances and cabinets and waited and waited.

Hopefully next week we will be walking across the tile and all the appliances will be in the kitchen rather then in the living room. The floor, I am already thinking of switching it in a few years...eeks! Maybe I am doubting my choice, but picking a floor had caused delays and I just didn't want to exert any more energy on it.  And if I have any doubts about my floor choice, they will be subdued and the floor softened and covered with the Turkish rugs I purchased last summer.

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