Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter snooze, chilling seeds

When was the last time you took a nap? Outside on a sled in the snow.

Here is my sleeping girl around Christmas time, on our sledding trip. So peaceful and comfortable. I wish I could take this kind of restful nap. I'm that tired but rarely am able to sleep. I can drift off, but my brain is racing and interferes. Some sort of responsibility keeps me from peacefully shutting down. I used to be able to sleep anywhere anytime. Buses, airplanes, vans head bouncing off the glass window. I often dozed off in class, not able to hold my head up and down it lands on the desk.

The winter has dragged on; Spring is around the corner and it cannot come fast enough. I'm tired of the cloudy days and chilled to the bones dampness. The lack of sun and the small bit of snow we get that melts away as quick as it comes making it hard to enjoy winter activities. Its gloomy.  I much prefer a deep freeze with blue skies.

The new snow fall today was a disappointment to see, but it reminded me of some seeds that I had purchased in the fall.  I had done some garden rearranging in the fall; moved the struggling Hostas to the back garden. Moved the forever spreading lillies to different areas in the back. And cut the Russian Sage in half.  I bought some English Lavender, red Oriental poppies, blue Himalayan Poppies and purple creeping Mother of Thyme seeds for the front garden. Pretty flowers, smelly flowers. The instructions required me to chill the seeds a week before sowing. And sow them  6 weeks before the last frost. And that time is NOW.

So, although winter is still here and spring is just around the corner, its the perfect time to start chilling seeds and getting them ready for the spring garden.

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