Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Face lift stage - exterior - Phase 4

The "FEELS LIKE" temperatures (thats -16F)  have delayed schools and even closed them down, but it didn't stop me from removing the numbers. Most exterior fixes will occur on warmer days and hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks.

The above paragraph was written a month ago, and today, another snow day and 10 - 15 inches of snow in the forecast. But somehow I have managed to make a little progress on the front, such as spray paint the numbers, buy a new exterior light and I found some old exterior paint in the basement and started touching up. But still need a dryer and warmer day to complete  the exterior list.

Phase 4 - fix up the exterior - the pending list:

1) remove rusty street numbers, sand and spray paint.

 2) replace broken exterior door light - have purchased and returned two lights already - it remained broken for a reason - last attempt tonight and I'll get the right one!

3) Paint porch - wait for a dry week.

4) Purchase, install and paint railings and spindles for front entrance - some mortgage loans, like FHA, are more strict about safety concerns - thus, preemptive, but putting railings around the porch.

5) Deal with chipped paint.

6) Its winter, shovel and maintain drive for drive-by appeal; spring time, weed and and watch the spring blooms.

Luckily the sidewalk had been replaced before I bought the house. But the loan was via a property tax program,  transferred to me. It will transfer to the new owners, but there is only a year left,so they will be happy to see the taxes decrease.

Phase 1 - Chaos
Phase 2 - Big jobs
Phase 3 - Face lift interior

And in between, a whole lot of painting

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