Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not a kitchen update

We've just returned from a Florida Vacation. Doing a lot of NOTHING. So relaxing, NOT THINKING about renovations. You know, I didn't go out to buy a fixer upper, but certain circumstances landed us here. And I am a bit of a purist so I tend to see beauty beyond. Recently though, its been kind of boring me. I just want it done and I want to live in it and not fuss about floor tiling or kitchen layout. So we went away and I got a vacation from thinking.

When I say NOTHING I mean bike riding several times a day, for something as small as milk at the grocery store or a long adventure/exploration ride around the Island. Swimming in the pool several times a day to cool off or diving for coins.

Or a walk to the beach, strolling along turning over shells and saving the most precious ones. Or just sitting and digging in the sand, meditating with the sounds of waves. Another pleasant surprise, no computers. The laptop was broken. So we were fully engaged with our nothingness. It is hard to replicate that activity of nothingness here at home, at work sitting at desk.

I did shoot off an email to my contractor this morning suggesting we go ahead and replace the large window with an exterior patio door. A bit scary, moving ahead in this direction but the other kitchen layout options are kind of restricting. I tried to avoid this window / door thing by working on the floor first, but selecting a floor tile was also stalling the progress.  So hopefully the contractor agrees and we can carry on.

And I shot off an email to a real estate agent. Actually I did that before we left on vacation. Talked to her today to arrange a viewing of a house for sale. Some home a few blocks away that may be better suited for us. Its a house I viewed on line last year, but never sold. Overpriced for that time. Up for sale again, but 20,000 dollars less.  I remember it because of a beautiful year round sun room overlooking a double large lot in the back. It had an open lay out and a larger bathroom. A single driveway (rather then my current shared driveway). Single driveway means I don't have to park at the back of the house due to shared driveway, and hire a plowing service so I can drive out of driveway. A couple factors that would make me consider going through the hassles of buying and selling. Or maybe it is just the clutter and kitchen of my current home I need to deal with.

In the meantime I have to force myself to not get stuck and move forward with this kitchen reno.

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